Dena Nuts Handelsbolag will be a new up company operating from Sweden in the food & beverage industry. In particular, the firm will work in the specific market segment of diet fruits and drinks products.
In detail, Dena Nuts will be a trader that will retail high-quality diet fruits and a vast range of drinks by using a brick-and-mortar shop and an online eCommerce website. Our company will import the primary goods from Iran and UAE during the first stages of affairs by selling and marketing them in the Swedish market. We want to produce goods directly in Sweden during phase 2 by including teas and fruit-based drinks.
Currently, the company operates in Iran and wants to establish a new firm in the Swedish market.
Since our corporate goal is to become one of the top ten juice and smoothie retailers in Sweden, we are willing to redouble our efforts to invest in some of the best professionals we can find, and we have also developed a plan to acquire the best team when it comes to building a standard juice shop. Our company will customize according to our idea of what a first-class juice store should look like. In terms of hygiene, we have established plans, processes, and structures to ensure that we are always in a leading position. We have been able to obtain permits from all relevant departments in Sweden.
Dena Nuts intends to redefine how the fruit and juice beverage business operates in Sweden and throughout Europe. This is why we have implemented a continuous training program for employees, keep in touch with industry stakeholders, and contribute our strength in designing juice manufacturing equipment to meet the changing needs of each industry. The demand for fresh juices will not drop anytime soon, so we have decided to continue exploring all available markets around the city where our juice chain is located.
We know that we will be able to maximize profits in our business. Our biggest selling point at Dena Nuts is the unique flavor of the different fresh juices we sell. Almost no customer wants to come back to buy more products after trying any of our products. Dena Nuts will consistently demonstrate its commitment to sustainable development, whether as an individual or as a company, actively participating in our community and integrating sustainable business practices as much as possible. We will ensure that we are responsible for reaching the highest standards by accurately and ultimately satisfying the needs of our customers.