Depending on the product, the industry can be subdivided into fruit juices, fruit and vegetable mixtures, and vegetable juices. As part of the regular diet, the increased consumption of these products has led to the largest market share in this segment. The emergence of fruit and vegetable mixtures is mainly due to their additional nutrient content, which has taken over the industry. Therefore, this market segment is expected to achieve the highest compound annual growth rate during the forecast period. In addition, the demand for healthier products has also driven the growth of vegetable juices in this industry. There are many types of juices, from citrus to tropical fruits.

In many cases, fruit juices are included as part of the daily breakfast program because they provide a certain amount of everyday minerals and vitamins in one serving. As more and more consumers worldwide follow the trend of healthier lifestyles, the demand for juice has increased significantly, prompting manufacturers to develop new varieties. Generally speaking, these are mixtures of mixed fruit juices and vegetable juices, which provide the nutritional qualities of both. They are becoming more and more popular because they can easily incorporate added minerals and vitamins into one’s diet. Most people choose natural fruit juices and avoid carbonated drinks with high sugar content. In addition, the growing awareness related to health management has led many users to select fruit and vegetable mixtures, providing consumers with a simple and effective way to manage health problems.

Fruits and vegetables are considered a natural source of healthy food, with the potential to improve uniformity. During the ongoing COVID pandemic, global consumption of fruit and vegetable juices has increased due to their health benefits. Many regional and international markets have launched products containing fortified vitamins and minerals to improve people’s immunity. The growing demand for healthy beverages by consumers who are more and more health-conscious has promoted the growth of the fruit and vegetable juice market. Squeezed juice is one of the critical factors affecting the development of the global juice market. Cold-pressed juice retains the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes lost during the heating and oxidation stages of the traditional juice extraction process. However, few consumers are aware of the benefits of mixed fruit and vegetable juices, especially in developing countries. This has forced the blended juice suppliers in these markets to carry out marketing and advertising campaigns to raise consumers’ awareness of the benefits of blended juice products.